Security Risk

The field of Data Security has significantly expanded with more domains to secure and more ways to attack. This means more to teach and to learn. Today, attacks are extremely hard to detect; attackers are stealthier and more evasive. In response, new programs and forums must expand beyond traditional areas like cryptography, and countering sniffing and denial of service attacks. Data Security education and awareness now covers new areas like cyber-physical attacks, the protection of heterogeneous systems and real-time security data analysis.

PCDS has initiated this Forum to encourage professionals to collaborate to formulate best practices and solutions.

  • Focus on building a security culture.
  • Collaborate on security inside and outside the organization.
  • Meet today’s compliance needs while partnering for the future.
  • Measure security outcomes in the Context of the organization’s mission.

These principles will serve leaders and their organizations well even as new security challenges emerge.

  • Have we identified our assets, both tangible and intangible assets?
  • Have we prioritized them in terms of value and importance starting from staff and people safety?
  • What Security controls are required or implemented to safeguard the assets?
  • Do we have a security program and the required resources to address security issues?
  • What is considered a privacy breach?
  • What is the cost of privacy breach?
  • Do we need administrative, technical and physical Security solutions to achieve privacy for our customers and our business?

Sum of Risk = (Privacy Risk + Compliance Risk + Security Risk)