Privacy Risk

The Web is commonly viewed as an information access tool for end users. But as much as it simplifies access to stock quotes, medical libraries, or reference manuals, the Web also makes it easier for individuals and organizations to obtain and infer—with surprising detail—personal information about us.

PCDS provides resources like education materials, collaboration opportunities, roundtable discussions and debates to empower its members with knowledge of privacy and the synergy that exist with compliance and security.

  • Are the privacy rights of our customers considered compliance obligations?
  • Have we identified the enforcer of privacy rights?
  • Do we have a privacy program and the required resources to address privacy issues?
  • What is considered a privacy breach?
  • What is the cost of privacy breach?
  • Do we need administrative, technical and physical Security solutions to achieve privacy for our customers and our business?

Sum of Risk = (Privacy Risk + Compliance Risk + Security Risk)