Membership Benefits

PCDS has been designed to bring executive decision makers and policy administrators the relevant information they need today.

The Triple Threat – Privacy, Security and Compliance: While other associations provide you information on single topics, we provide you information on all three components of industry protection – Data Security, Compliance, Privacy

Conferences for Privacy, Compliance and Data Security: Members have the opportunity to receive special discounted rates on our annual national conference as well as additional forums, webinars and more, designed to bring industry participants and experts together to discuss major issues. Events are attended by top executives and industry professionals representing a wide spectrum of Privacy, Data Security and Compliance industries and offers an opportunity to generate important contacts.

Access to Decision Support Research and Resources: PCDS provides its members with industry research and resources to help them probe the details of topics most relevant to them. This source of data and opinions can provide members with valuable assistance in making decisions on key issues and risks.

Privacy, Compliance and Data Security News: PCDS provides relevant, timely up-to- date information and discussions to you. Members will be able to access current Privacy, Data Security and Compliance news at one site. The relationship among the three is what is needed to gain perspectives and effectively protect your organization against any imminent threat.

Newsletter: Members receive the quarterly PCDS newsletter, filled with recent events, hot topics, and other relevant updates.

Certification Programs and Industry Recognition (COMING SOON): Companies are looking for the one professional whose experience communicates understanding of – Privacy, Security, and Compliance – to protect their company against potential risks. The PCDS certification exam will provide the authoritative curriculum for individual certification.