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Breach-dataWhen Uber’s massive data breach made it to the public’s ears recently, it became a member of an infamous group of companies who not only had vital customer data stolen, but who sat on the story and did not inform the public or the media until much later. The reasons for data breaches vary, but are heavily tinted by human errors and the presence of unprotected files or weaknesses on cloud servers. This is something that should make all cloud service providers (CSPs) sit up and take notice. Bad PR for one is bad PR for all.


The fact is, applications running in the cloud are not completely immune from breaches. Experts state clearly that IT teams need more robust intelligence, protection, and remediation to protect their data from breach or loss. This is where a Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) comes in. Their hands-on expertise and strategic wisdom adds an additional layer of relevance and practical application of cloud security techniques. A cloud service provider working in league with a CCSP helps ensure business on the cloud stays secure and profitable for the end users.


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